Engaging Sports Programs & Lessons

Take advantage of sports programs and lessons that are supervised by licensed teachers. World Of Discovery Day Camp in Bay Terrace, New York, offers the Discovery Sports Academy that includes instructional summer sports programs that last from two to eight weeks. If you name it, we play it.

Enroll your child in a program that is designed to instruct campers in the basic techniques of a variety of sporting activities. With our help, even experienced players are able to hone their skills and deepen their knowledge of the game. Our goals are simple – to motivate, improve skills, enhance the competitive spirit, encourage teamwork, and have fun.

Everyone is a superstar at our summer camp. Players are grouped by age and ability. Our instructors design instructional drills that enhance and stress basic fundamental techniques. Kids practice these skills through exciting intra-camp tournaments and events. Please note that all children must undergo a thorough medical examination before enrollment.

Activity - Sports Programs

Individual & Team Activities

Every camper becomes part of a team that participates in a series of round-robin tournaments in basketball, baseball, soccer, kickball, and football. We also offer a wide variety of additional physical activities, including:
• Karate 
• Track & Field
• Dodgeball
• Archery
• Kickball
• Mini Golf
• Batting Practice
• Rollerblading & Skating
• Gymnastics
• Mongo Ball
• Aerobics
• Hiking
• Volleyball

Imaginative Array of Activities

Offer your child a summer filled with activities. Our well-rounded programs are designed to stimulate your child's imagination, creativity, physical skills, and ability to have fun with other children. To encourage new friendships, we group campers by age for a wide variety of activities, like:
• Zoo Trips
• Video Arcade Visits
• Carnivals
• Special Events
• Olympic Week
• Cookouts
• Dances
• Drama Productions
• Talent Shows
• Singing Contests
• Scavenger Hunts
• Circle Games

Having Fun – Rain or Shine

Our relationship with the neighborhood school gives us the best of all worlds. This includes access to their playground, gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria, and classrooms. Indoors or outdoors, your child is sure to have a great time.
Ballpark - Sports Lessons
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